Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Birdbath by the Pool

oil on artist panel 6x6 inches

Hello!  What a beautiful day here in Brimfield, Massachusetts -- the sun is shining, the sky is blue... FINALLY!  I took advantage of this great weather to do a painting of our birdbath that is by the side of our pool -- I love this birdbath, it's so beautiful and really classes up the yard.  ;^)  It was fun to paint.

One note:  I purchased 24 6x6 Ampersand artist panels last week -- this is the first painting on one of those panels -- I love this size!  No wonder so many artists paint 6x6 for their daily work -- it's just right.  There are many different profiles (depths) of artist panels -- the ones I'm using are 3/4", they are cradled and made of birch.  When the paintings are dry, I plan on waxing the sides to bring out the wood -- no need for framing!  I also have put a sawtooth hanger on the top of the panel so it's easy to hang.  I'll post a picture of the final waxed sides and the back (to show the hanger) once this painting is dry and I've waxed it -- I can't wait to see how it will look!

Memorial Day weekend is coming up -- and we Malones are plan-free -- hence and therefore... I'll have time to paint!  Yay!  Hope you check back in to see what I've done.  Thanks for looking!

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