Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ripe Tomatoes

oil on artist panel 6x6 inches
click on this link to purchase

Here are some tomatoes I picked from our garden this morning.  I've completely neglected it this year — I haven't watered, fertilized, weeded... it's amazing we've had anything to eat (or paint) out of there at all.  These tomatoes made it against all odds... survival of the fittest!


  1. Very nice. I would love to have a garden but I tend to kill everything that grows.

  2. Thank you Ink Five! And Sher! I tell you, usually I pay SOME amount of attention to the garden... but this year I really haven't done a thing. We even went away for two weeks while there was a heat wave going on and these tomatoes (and a few other things like summer squash... a possible painting for tomorrow?) survived. I have no explanation!! :^)